Roy Wilkins, Martin Luther King Jr., and Asa Phillip Randolph
The 1957 Prayer Pilgrimage for Freedom
Thurgood Marshall, Donald Gaines, Murray, and Charles Hamilton Houston
Roy Wilkins, Martin Luther King Jr. and others
Group of men in discussion
President Eisenhower, Thurgood Marshall, and others.
Mitchell with Mathias and Doyle
Eisenhower, Mitchell, and NAACP Members
Mitchell and Humphrey
Clarence Mitchell Handshake
Strategy for Housing Bill, 1968
Mitchell meets President Johnson, 1967
Mitchell and Senator Margaret Chase Smith, 1968
President Johnson and 101st Senator
President Carter presents Mitchell with the Presidential Medal of Freedom June 9, 1980
Mitchell, President Johnson, and Joseph L. Rauh on the 1964 Civil Rights Bill
Mitchell with Rep. Emanuel Celler, Sen. Hubert Humphrey, and Rep. William McCulloch.
Senators Thomas Kuchel, and Hubert H. Humphrey with Mitchell celebrating passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act
Senator and Mrs. Hugh Scott, a trusted Republican friend, with Mitchell